5 thoughts on “Tips on ordering from YL USA (and getting your money worth)

  1. Joanna says:

    Hi, I’ve been on SG ER for a year already. If i were to sign on for US ER, how much PV must i maintain? Must I still maintain the 100PV for SG each month to enjoy the 20% bonus PV?

    When you say you switch between US and SG ER, means u just have to do one a month only? can i do like 6 months US PV (March – June) then switch to SG PV (Jul – Sep), switch back to US PV? and i will still be entitled to the PV?

  2. Yes u can rotate between 2 countries so the scenario you describe for 6 months per country is doable. You will still retain ur status as an ER member and will still maintain your ER redemption at 20% as long u continue ur ER as long as in minimum one country. Email or call YL sg to remove the ER template for either country if you choose to only do 1 country ER for that month otherwise the other template will keep sending u the previous order’s items.

  3. HoaPham says:

    How about tax? I am new to Young living, do i have to register with inland revenue as self employed? I don’t know my revenue or profit/lost yet.

      • HoaPham says:

        if the commission is not fixed and i’m not sure how much i will earn each month, how am i going to declare? Do i need to change the amount monthly? If the commission is lower than $20000 a year, do i have to pay tax?

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