[Compensation Plan Part Two] Enroller And Sponsor Payouts

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A lot of folks who started using the oils, never thought that they would do the business part of things. And truth to be told, neither did I. I was a product user for 3 years before thinking of doing it as a full time business. I’ve come to realised that if you use the products and have your own testimonies around it, you would naturally share with your loved ones and friends.

So here is how the compensation plan works at a snapshot:

1. Say you have shared about the oils to your friend Alice. Alice wants to try them and signed up for a member account with YL and have entered your member ID as the Enroller and Sponsor.

2. As the Enroller, you would receive the Fast Start Bonus, which is 25% of the pv that Alice has purchased for the first 3 months. Let’s say she joined as a Essential Rewards member. She purchased 100 PV each month. You would get 25 PV each month.
In USA, 1 PV = 1 USD. Same for countries that do not have a YL office. For us in Singpapore, to understand how much you will receive in SGD, simply multiply it by 1.37. That comes to about SGD30+. The payout is capped at 200 PV per new member per month for the first 3 months. To qualify for this payout, you must put through a 50 PV order for the same month.

If Alice enrols her friend to be a member as well, you would receive 10% of the PV of the third person for the first 3 months. This payout is capped at 80 PV per new member.

3. As the Sponsor, you also receive a monthly commission of 8%. Unlike the Enroller bonus, the Sponsor payout IS FOR LIFE. So that means that wherever Alice buys in terms of PV, you get the 8% payout. To calculate the SGD equivalent, multiply it by 1.37. To qualify for this payout and all future payouts, you need to put through a 100 PV order for the same month.

Remember to submit your commission paperwork in order to receive the money in your bank account! Here’s how.

[Compensation Plan Part Three – What else do you need to know about being a Sponsor?]


If you like my articles and would like to purchase the Young Living oils, please drop me a message here or sign up here to purchase. 🙂 I would love to support you in using the oils for yourself and your loved ones.

22 thoughts on “[Compensation Plan Part Two] Enroller And Sponsor Payouts

  1. ek says:

    Thank you for your sharing! May i know if the fast start bonus is capped to 200pv per new member per month ? Or is it capped 200pv per new member for the 3 months combined?

    in the latter case, we can receive max of 600pv for the 3 months?

    thank you for your help

    • No need. Can be a standard order. As long as the enroller put thru a 50 PV order, she gets the enroller payout. However it is recommended to put thru 100 PV to get all commission payable.

  2. To receive fast start bonus, enroller just needs to spend 50 pv, it doesn’t have to be ER. However to receive all commission, 100 pv whether on ER or SO is required.

  3. Angel says:

    Hi 😊 Regarding the Fast Start Bonus. The capped payout is 200pv for each member that is being paid out (that would equal to $200usd) ?Or is it capped at 25% of their 200pv purchase (that would be $50usd)? Thank you and looovee this site 😊

    • Yes 1 pv equals to 1 usd. For sgd conversion as paid by YL, the rate is pegged at 1.27. That means for every 1 pv u earn, u are paid 1.27 sgd.

      And yes for fast start, it is capped at 200 pv per enrolment per month for the first 3 months. That means u are only paid fast start on up to 800 pv of what the enrollee spent per month for the first 3 months (ie 200 pv since its 25%).

  4. Angel says:

    Oh my, i think you have answered a similar question up above. It’s 200pv worth of comission 😆 My apologies for not reading through the comment section thoroughly 🙃 Thanxxx 😊

      • Aisha says:

        If we didn’t put 100pv for that month did we miss our chance to get the bonuses?

        Or how if we already put orders earlier of that month, and ee recruited our new member in the end of the month, should we put another 100pv orders?

      • As long as you have put thru the order in the same month as your member, it’s counted. It doesn’t matter whether u ordered before or after her. 50 pv to qualify for fast start bonus if she is still within the first 3 montha of joining, 100 pv however gets you all commission payouts.

  5. Aisha says:

    The same month is it mean calender month?
    Lets say, if i enrolled alice in the 30th day of the month, so I may dont have time to place 50pv order or I may already order earlier at that month.
    Do I miss my chance to get the bonuses?

  6. LF says:

    How does it work for the Start Living Bonus, as compared to Fast Start Bonus?
    If Enrollee is not under ER but purchased Premium Starter Kit, what would the Enroller get ? Will Enroller get both Start Living Bonus as well as Fast Start Bonus? Thanks.

    • Start living bonus is paid when the new member enrols on a premium stater kit and yes the enroller gets double payout – both start living bonus and the fast start bonus which will total up to usd50. When a new member enrols with a psk, it means that she is choose the standard order track. This is applicable for members for Singapore and Malaysia and I think Australia.

      Usa business model is slightly different as they always need to buy a kit to start membership and they can’t just do min 100 pv ER to start.

  7. Mel g says:

    Hi faith,
    Question on start living bonus. Enroller gets double payout if new member purchased premium starter kit on first month. What happen if they missed ordering on the 2nd month?

  8. Melg says:

    Hi faith,
    On the start living bonus, enroller gets double if new member do a Psk on first purchase. What happen if new member don’t carry with purchase 2nd month?

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