19 thoughts on “What do I need to know about being an Essential Rewards member?

  1. Maddy says:

    You mentioned that free gifts are given out every quarter for the first year. What happens from the thirteenth month onwards? What are the perks offered if I stay on ER past the first year?

    • You get 20% pv credited back to your account. That means for every 100 pv monthly order, you get 20 pv back. You can think of it like a 24% + 20% discount on your oils.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi. U mentioned that commission can only be earned if I buy items of 100pv that mth. If I am under SO and did not order anything, the commission will be gone? Or would it be a credit in myacct till my next order?


    • The commission is paid to u whether as money in the bank or as direct credits in your YL account when u have done either a 50 or 100 pv order in the same month that your new member has ordered. 50 pv order entitles u to the fast start bonus of 25% and 100 pv qualifies you for the full commission.

  3. Sand says:

    HI does it also mean that Standard Order PV points has no significance whatsoever aka useless? Erm…a bit confusing.. then why is the pv points indicated for standard orders..?

  4. Valen says:

    Hi, is the free gifts for new signup (200pv – free Starter Kit and Home Diffuser & 300pv – free Starter Kit and Home Diffuser and Everyday Oils) a permanent thing or a promo (for a limited time) in singapore only? And they don’t give birthday voucher anymore, right?

    • It’s 350 pv for the free starter kit, Dewdrop diffuser (YL SG has changed the model too for the 200 pv promo from home diffuser to Dewdrop) and the everyday oils set. It’s a permanent thing for now for new members signing up on ER. Yup the birthday voucher has been discontinued though YL has stated that they may replace with other promos, however no news yet on that.

  5. aishraz says:

    Hello! If i am an ER member and i have already bought my products, can i add on more items throughout the month and accumulate PV?

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