15 thoughts on “How do I order from YL USA?

  1. Jenny says:

    Sorry. Also like to know for this US yl purchase as an ER purchase, does dat mean I can just buy from US that mth and do nt need to buy fr sg yl? Are they linked to know dat I hv placed an order at US site and wun send me the eos from my sg acct? And is the international shipping fixed?

    Sorry for so many questions. I am new to this and your site is really good!

    • If u are in your first year membership in Singapore, then you would need to buy from YL SG continually to be entitled for their quarterly freebies. You can still buy from Usa as a separate order. Every yl account is an international one – try logging in to YL USA. Shipping starts at usd28.

      • the PVs from the purchase order from the States – does it count towards the minimum 100PV to be met in Singapore for the month? I did not understand the comment “buy from USA as a separate order”. Do you have any tips for purchasing from the USA – what to look out for, what to avoid, etc. Thank you for your guidance – first timer.

      • It counts toward the requirement of being an ER member regardless of which country. However Singapore is a little different as they offer quarterly freebies on the condition that you do the sg er orders for the first 12 months. So for a month, if you do an usa er order but not sg, u are still considered an ER member but freebies will be discontinued.

        I found that the most worthwhile is to do a 190 pv order from usa but not go over usd250 for both shipping and order. This gets u the freebies from usa but at the same time, Singapore wouldn’t tax you (gst) since with the value of the freebies, it would be lower than sgd400.

  2. Louise Koh says:

    I am in Singapore with Young Living for more than 12 months already. I would like to order from YL USA and ship to my sister staying in USA for her use. However when I log in to YL USA virtual office, i noted that I can only see the oils that are not available in SG. For those oils that are available in SG, I don’t see them on the product list and hence unable to place order. May I know how can I get around this problem?

    • Yes, contact Live Help. It’s an online helpdesk that can attend to your situation and add the items manually for you. It’s a link under Contact Us in the USA site.

  3. Koay Lily says:

    I’m a YL member in Sin, I want to order Ning xia red 4bottes, 2pkts Ning xia red in sachets, and mineral essence from US, may I know how to order to worth the value of order?

    • Hi Lily, unfortunately it is best you split the NXR orders and the Mineral Essence. NXR orders from USA to Singapore has a subsidised shipping rate of USD40 when you order it as one of the following – 30 sachets / 60 sachets / 4 bottles. Once you add down a non NXR item such as Mineral Essence, the shipping goes back up to USD80, not worth it imo. I’m writing an article today on ordering NXR, look out for it. 🙂

      • Koay Lily says:

        As I’m sharing the shipping cost with my friend, usually how to calculate the shipping charges? Product + shipping charges * USD rate / number of items?

      • Depends on what you both order. If everyone is ordering eo bottles, the way you suggest would work. However if there’s a mix of eo bottles and other items, best to look at individual weight.

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  4. Lynn says:

    Hi Faith, thank you for your very helpful explanations! I’ve been asking and searching around but I haven’t managed to find an answer. There are some items that are available for sale in YL USA but not reflected in YL USA catalogue when I log in to my Sg account. I understand that there are some items that cannot be shipped in to Sg this way (eg: Mindwise). Do you have any suggestion on how we can get around this? For example, if we create an account with Ezbuy to have a US address, then create a YL USA account, will the item get successfully shipped in to Sg?

    • Ezbuy works. No need to create a YL usa account. Ur current account can actually order from usa. Get Live Help to assist u to create that order and ship to ezbuy address.

  5. Joyce says:

    So for items that doesn’t show up on the NFR US catalog such as pain cream and repellent, we just go to live chat and ask YL to send to Ezbuy address? I see that ezbuy has some restrictions such as liquid/gel not more than 30 ml per bottle. So how do we overcome this? This is for standard order not ER rt?

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